What is this? In addition to HPLC mechanisms and chemicals, Pickering Laboratories also has a substantial business unit that develops artificial fluids and oils created by the human body, such as sweat and saliva, as well as liquids that mimic fresh and ocean water. These substances are utilized in textile and other industries to discover how consumer and medical products react when they come into contact with people and water.
My contribution: As Creative Director, I developed the overall concept, designed the look and feel of each page, wrote some copy, designed the "Guaranteed Chemistry" icon, and then produced the final production files. I used Adobe XD to mock-up the desktop and mobile websites. InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator were used to design and build the brochure, images, illustrations and icons.
The concept: I developed the We Sweat the Small Stuff concept using copy and a visual style that evokes the serious nature of product testing and safety; Imagine a respirator that reacted poorly to lung fluid, or a child's toy that emits toxins when in contact with saliva. The images were designed to appear editorial and the text within black containers feels sobering. I then brought in Pickering Lab's main brand gradients to call attention to important areas, and also to introduce some balance of approachability, which is one of Pickering Laboratories' brand attributes.
Additionally, the line, We Sweat the Small Stuff, calls attention to the hard work that Pickering Labs puts into developing their products and is an effective mechanism for evoking their key brand attribute of quality. 
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